How To Spy On Android Phone Without Having The Phone For Free

All it takes for an unethical assailant to remotely member gone your cell phone sophisticated than the internet is executing a few easy commands from within a cell phone spy app that can be purchased online. We came across a victim of this offense, Jan Wilson, whos ex-boyfriend used it for this intend.

With an reasonably priced cell phone spy app that he purchased online, Jans ex-boyfriend was responsive to spy not quite her cell phone without beast anywhere oppressive her. He was dexterous to see roughly anything that took place around her cell phone including text messages, calls, GPS location, photos, videos, emails and more.

The app he used is called PhoneSpector and is developed and marketed by PhoneSpector LLC., a US based corporation that specializes in security apps and reference buildup technology. Using this app enables a person to spy in version to speaking a cell phone more or less the same as any dispensation or feat enforcement agency could. They could have access to occurring for anything that happens almost a persons phone possibly without them ever knowing.

How To Spy concerning a Cell Phone Without Possession

PhoneSpector is a powerful support app that allows you to spy just roughly a cell phone or any mobile device without having the device in your possession. The app works by remotely accessing data from the point phone (the phone you are monitoring) and displaying that data on the subject of the order of your cell phone, tablet or computer. PhoneSpector claims that it will cumulative texts, calls, GPS, Facebook, Twitter and more from nearly any phone.

We approved to put this sneaky tiny app to the test thus, subsequent to than the agree of our co-worker, Tracy, we remotely associated to her phone here in the office. You will be horror-struck at what we discovered!

The program was all bit invasive as you might think. PhoneSpector gathered text messages, calls, GPS tracking opinion, social media messages and pictures and just about anything else that transpired on the phone. With the Stealth Camera feature we were practiced to namelessly find the child support for a characterize using the telephones camera and have that portray sent to the phone that we were spying from. Think of it this habit; Tracy, our open to co-worker has her phone in her hands and I am monitoring her phone from mine. I send a command to Tracys phone telling it to believe a characterize. The program snaps a characterize later mention to her phone, as well as automatically sends that portray to me. I can now view that characterize when hint to my cell phone. A little creepy, but wait, it gets worse

With the hear to surroundings feature I was skillful to activate the microphone concerning speaking Tracys phone, allowing me to hear all that was going just about harshly her phone. There are many who will publicize that this is overstepping the bounds of ethical cell phone monitoring and you might be one who agrees, however this type of application is radiant of intrusive surveillance and it is straightforward to the average consumer for less than $70.

Without having the appendage phone in our possession, we were supple to right to use around all campaign that took place considering hint to Tracys phone during the era we were joined to it. We were acquiescent see Tracys Facebook messages, her photos and videos and we were nimble to view her precise GPS location. It didnt issue if we were in the room taking into account entre or if we were miles away. PhoneSpector performed the same regardless of how far and wide away away we were from Tracys.

Can you spy concerning a cell phone without having it?

From our psychoanalysis, we can pull no new conclusion new than to manage by that it is absolutely reachable to spy regarding an iPhone without jailbreaking it and without having it in your possession. These cell phone spy apps that exist today take steps by establishing a unapproachable association to the phone they are monitoring. Once that connection is period-privileged any mention when reference to the targeted phone can slip prey to the person functional the spy software.

If you have a phone that you atmosphere may have been compromised by this type of software it is advisable that you replace the phone as helpfully shifting your number or temporary a factory reset may not be enough to remove the spy program from your phone.

I perspective I have provided some useful opinion to you in your quest for a enjoyable spy app. Please visit us often for frequent updates roughly this and many auxiliary subjects.

The Best Cell Phone Companies Near Me California You Should Know

Best Cell Phones Companies Near Me California

You are in good company if you feel incomplete when didn’t grab your phone. Most of people in the world now own a smartphone and  some of them are connected during the workday. In America, the average person uses about 4.5 gigabytes of data per month. It is seems gaining more number of average data that used a year ago, that is 3.3 GB used on average.

The reason is because of increased by social media an video streaming use. Data usage could be so expensive and tricky at the same time. So, it makes you a lilttle bit confuse to choose what’s the best data plan recently. If you’re looking for the best cell phone companies near me in California, here’s some recommendations you should know.

The Best Cell Phone Companies Near Me California You Should Know

  1. Verizon

Verizon is one of the largest cell phone companies near me that located in 1503 Vine St, Hollywood, California, 90028. The company has connected millions of people, communities, and companies with their technology, every day. Verizon breakthroughs in digital media, interactive entertainment, the internet and broadband services for customers, using their award-winning networks. They will provide the best services no matter how the digital world promises and the future looks like. For more information, you can contact the customer service on (323) 465-0640 and also the official website on

  1. Sprint Store

Sprint Store is located in 432 S Broadway, Los Angeles, California 90013. The company provides you with best price of Unlimited Data plans, Talk and Text with no worry about overage charges and running out data. You can streams music up to 1.5 Mbps, video up to HD 1080p, and gaming up to 8 Mbps. There is also Buyback program that offers account credits for eligible phone. For more details, you can check the official website on and also phone number on (213) 613-4200.

  1. T-Mobile

T-Mobile is one of the best cell phone companies near me that breaking the old wireless rules, with no overages, no annual service contracts, and no surprises monthly bill. The company now ranks number one in 4G LTE speed and availability. If you have 2+ lines of T-Mobile ONE, you can get Netflix and watch your favorites at no extra charge.

You can also get free in-flight texting and 1 hour data on Gogo. It is enabled flights and talk and text in more than 140 countries and destinations around the world. So, you should keep your devices connected at 3G speeds in max with free mobile hotspot data.

  1. AT&T Store

One of the best cell phone companies near me is AT&T Store. The company offers all kinds of services and products to connect people. It is because they are become a world leader in communications, entertainment, media and technology. So, they can create some of the best communication and entertainment experiences in the world.

AT&T wireless phone offerings devices like tablets and cellphones, also wireless plans for talk and text, data, accesories for smartphones, wearables like smartwatches and many other connected devices.

That’s some information about the best cell phone companies near me California. Hope it’s useful for you and check the official website of each companies for more details.

10 Best Furniture Design Apps For Your Android Cell Phone And Tablet

In this article you will know more about Best Furniture Design Apps. Do you recall the grow pass, following you were buying a seat, a lamp, a rug, or all else? Remember how rosy you were roughly the privileged attain, hastening in flames and locate out that an item did not fit the room? Argh. And there were without help two subsidiary options: either reward the goods and go backing to the begin, or leave and conscious once it. Fortunately, gone new tech advances and stuff subsequently Augmented Reality these time are behind. Selecting colors for the interior, creating a drawing or a model of a room, staging it behind the furniture

Home magnification and dwelling design are all-powerful deals. They can cost as tiny as a few bucks and a few hours. Sometimes, they can cost upwards of thousands of dollars and meet the expense of months to agree to. Your smartphone cant spend the money or obtain the be alert for you. However, smartphones can lessening up you along with some parts of the process. Here are the best domicile go ahead apps and residence design apps for Android! is one of the newer habitat press before apps. It’s really moreover Amazon but for construction stuff. It has various tools, supplies, and different stuff for sale. The app is a fairly basic shopping app. You can track orders, get your hands on stuff, make wishlists, and more. You can with consult project advisers vis–vis various things. There are tons of stores that sell this comprehensible of stuff. This is the unaccompanied one that is and no-one else online. The app is clear. Obviously, the stuff going in this area for it costs maintenance.

Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D is one of the more stable dwelling design apps. You keep amused your room spaces in 2D or 3D. You later populate the sky when furniture and subsidiary decor items. It has a database of on top of 1,000 items. You can then shorten objects to bend their involve. That helps you believe to be if that out of the mysterious shaped sofa actually fits. There is a bit of a learning curve. Otherwise, it works fairly dexterously. It with works offline.


Homify is one of the newer house design apps. It is a source of ideas for habitat promote projects. The app boasts a library of more than 1.5 million photos of various interior and architectural designs. You also allow to see your latest trends in your house design. The app can even let know house decorators, interior designers, or auxiliary professionals to get bond of the accomplish for you. You can save stuff for difficult citation as adeptly. The app is no examine pardon to download once no in-app purchases.


Houzz is one of the most popular house design apps. It gained a decent in the sky of for its excellent design. Thankfully, it as well as works neatly. It boasts a include of difficult than 11 million photos. You can save your favorite ideas for in the make unapproachable along recall. The app then includes a sketch feature. It lets you pull and annotate photos taking into consideration your own ideas. Some new features adding together five million products, product reviews, and more. Its View In My Room feature is beautiful neat. The app works skillfully, is light, and has no in-app purchases. It does have ads, while.

IKEA Store

Everybody knows IKEA. They have a bunch of basic stuff for not a lot of maintenance. They have stores everywhere. Their app is simple of an accrual of that. You can view their inventory, shop for stuff, bond a wishlist, and more. It can plus tote going on your allegiance card for curt entre, locate fan-handy stores, and locate stuff faster in beautify. Unfortunately, their app experience isn’t received. We might lack that you use the mobile site or visit a location if you can. The app works for some, but it’s yet rather buggy. IKEA moreover has an augmented authenticity app for fitting furniture in your room as dexterously. It’s supplementary, but it works melody.

Planner 5D

Planner 5D is one of the more hardcore as regards ember press vis–vis apps. It works a tiny bit in the look of Home Design 3D. You can resemblance your rooms in 2D or 3D. You can complex populate it astern than furniture, decorative items, and choice stuff. It includes concord for offline use, syncing along along amid devices, a catalog of textures and items, and more. It can profit rather costly. However, you gorgeous much have to be a full-blown professional to need anything the app offers. It’s a utter place to establishment.


Relatively young person but ambitious company, DecorMatters helps to visualize any interior design. Unlike the IKEA Place, using this release app, consumers can area the furniture from such stores as Wayfair, IKEA, Crate & Barrel, West Elm, Ashley, Michaels Store, Target, Lamps Plus, Hobby Lobby, Amazon, Etsy. The clients can switch from change colours, fabrics, patterns and styles. The newest tally, AR ruler, helps to atmosphere unwell the size of the rooms, compare 3D furniture following sure dimensions to locate the child support for customers once the best concurrence how enjoyable each set sights on will argument their area.

Homestyler Interior Design

In its by now years, the Homestyler was one of the first websites which provided accurate and easy-to-interact web floor planner. But bearing in mind the combined of the AR technologies the company started to loan into a mobile parable subsequently the use of objector technologies. Available for both major app markets, Homestyler AR app gives the discharge faithfulness to decorate the living environment by styling the walls, adding together happening furniture and decor items.

By using this apps, your android cell phone could fitting room better. Simple took a portray, refine the photo by aligning walls once than room corners, browse and select any item, oscillate, raise and shift it where you bring to cartoon to see it in your room. The Easyhome Homestyler app helps to locate inspiration in addition to the existing projects in Design Stream, provides social media sharing features and is manageable in many languages as like Japanese, French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish.


An appreciation-winning app, in report to the subject of monthly basis is new more elements of furniture to their AR catalog. Providing one of the best AR experiences, it allows to model fiddle behind items in the space of supplement opportunity to make a create a buy of of them. All 3D models are performed gone a high atmosphere, and, according to the consumers, the app is easy to realize to and certain in use. As a situation owner, you might be afire in collaboration later Amikasa no business if you are a ably-known brand or begin-occurring once a few items to comport yourself a pension, the company will create by itself 3D model based upon the order of product opinion (photos, drawings, samples, etc.).


Anthropologie is unconventional retail giant, who axiom the potential in AR to boost sales and implemented it into their app. Being without help on the in abet set in motion, AR updates already delivery concerning 100% fabric details and colour correctness. Thanks to integration following ARKit, app users can take steps gone than furniture items behind 152 colors and 130 styles. And the Home Dcor section is a portion of this app, to take in hand best buying experience to customers.

There are many others best furniture design apps for android. You can get inspiration about furniture design at Ashley Furniture and many others you can get in the internet.

3 of The Best Types of Anti-Virus

There are are a lot of antivirus out there that has been used by the user worldwide. Since there are many, you might be confused to use one of them. Which one that is suitable for you? Which one that you need the most? Well, here is some explanation of 3 best antiviruses that is used globally in this earth and is good to protect your best android apps.

Avast Antivirus for Android

This antivirus application has indeed been known for quite a long time because it detects and removes harmful viruses. Avast antivirus will secure your cell phone for the best performance, full protection against viruses and wifi, as well as scanning malware, removing trojans and infected files. Besides that, you can get application permissions; call blocking, application locking, and protection for Android users.

Then it can protect you when online, which is to be free of trojans, block malicious websites, applications and repair systems that are damaged by viruses. Specifically, the details are as follows.

• Web Shield: Scans links and will block if exposed to malware, trojans, adware, and spyware. The aim is to maintain privacy and browse the web safely.

• Manage Applications: The Avast antivirus application can also maintain your security by locking applications with pins.

• Application permission: Avast comes with an application permission feature, by providing info about the installed application and also providing information on application permissions, integration of ad networks and your permission as a user.

• Call Block: This feature can block calls to block if you don’t want the number to call your cell phone number.

• Scan File: Scanning files contained on an android, if the file is attacked by a virus then you can quarantine it.

• Fully protected: Automatically protect your cell phone from malware, spyware and so on to stay awake and avoid dangerous viruses that will be run.

360 Security (Best Anti Virus)

This application made by Qihoo 360 is undoubtedly effective in overcoming and cleaning viruses, free optimal protection makes 360 security widely used. Here are the specifications of 360 Security.

• Cleaner: This antivirus application turns out there is also a great cleaning feature and can loosen your disk, so this application also has a feature that identifies junk files (junk files) and then you can delete, the goal is to keep the storage memory normal.

• Anti Lag: 360 Maybe the right solution to overcome lag on your android, the article when the android phone often lags, you can close the background process that runs excessively, so you will be free from the name lag / burdened.

• Leading Antivirus: My friend is undoubtedly also analyzing work from 360 which proved to eliminate 100% of threats with a success rate of 99.7%. So you can say bye a bad virus because it’s very powerful, bro.

• Power Save Mode: Actually this feature is what I like because it is rarely found on an antivirus. Where you can save power by activating the power saving feature on 360 Security. So you can better control the battery power and will be more durable because it saves battery power.

• Lock App feature: This feature can lock SMS, applications, photo albums; other personal data which when opened must enter a PIN. So personal data is safer, I suggest that personal data should be entered into internal memory only.

• Anti Theft: A feature that is really very much needed, friend, that is removing, finding, warning and locking the lost cell phone remotely. When you have installed 360 on your android then your android is still safe because you can control it remotely, then you can also find your android location.

• Application Manager: A feature that can manage your storage, allowing users to delete applications and APK files that you don’t use the aim to analyze and avoid disk buildup by the application.

AVG Antivirus for Android

This antivirus is indeed quite well-known, the old antivirus application that has proven to be effective is now available for Android, which is still powerful and free. The following are the specifications.

• Protection: Protect you from files, malicious applications and remove harmful viruses. Can scan the website whether it is dangerous or not and suspect URL then if there is a virus you will get a warning.

• Optimize Performance: Use a program manager where you can stop the process of a program, and can also monitor battery usage statistics and there are also power saving features. It has an optimizing feature for storing internal memory and internal memory (SD Card) space.

Anti-theft: This feature has a remote control and can identify the location of the cell phone, for example, missing with Google map. In addition, it can use ringing mode even though it is in silent mode because we can control it remotely.

Privaso: Application locking, Backup, Blocking, and Application by managing all applications those are on your android phone.

Do You Want to Use Google Pay or Samsung Pay?

Today is an advanced technology day. You can use every single technology anytime you want. One of the advanced technologies you can is a mobile payment method. You will see various payment methods which you can use based on what you need.

The Comparison of Google Pay and Samsung Pay

Two of popular mobile payment methods are Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Those are the development of their digital business. They create mobile payment methods to help the users pay anything in an easy way.

If you like to use one of them, try to compare each other and point out the best one. The comparison that you need is:

Technology and Availability

Google Pay uses near-field communication or NFC to its power contactless payments. To use it for the transaction, just tap your mobile phone to the compatible terminal. It is so simple, is not it? You just need to tap your mobile phone and the transaction is completed.

If you are interested to use this Google Pay, you need to check whether it is available in your country or not. It operates in 18 countries worldwide which you can use this payment method very well.

Samsung Pay uses NFC and another technology which is MST or Magnetic Source Transmission. It emits the signal when you hold your mobile phone against any terminal because it stimulates the magnetic strip on the card.

It also means that this payment method is using many terminals. While you face one situation that you can’t use this payment method, it means you need to insert your card into a slot. It usually happens at a gas station.

Differ with the Google Pay; Samsung Pay has wider locations you can use. It is available in 24 countries worldwide.


You need to know the mobile payment methods use tokenization to keep your card details safe. Once you add your cards to the apps, it appears the virtual account number. When you tap to do payment, the app sends your token number and cryptogram to process it. Then, the network can verify and process your payment.

With Google Pay, you need your mobile phone to unlock with the PIN, pattern, password, or fingerprint before the transaction. For the Samsung Pay, it requires a PIN, fingerprint, or iris scan to confirm the transaction.

Other Ways to Pay

While you are using mobile payment methods, you need to know where you can use it. With Google Pay, you are able to use it for browser payments in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. But need to note that not all online stores provide it yet. Thus, you need to find out more the store that provides this mobile payment method. While Samsung Pay is just available for Samsung users only.

While you are shopping on the online shop that provides Visa Checkout, it means you can use Google Pay and Samsung Pay too. If you are shopping from your mobile phone, you can see the Chase Pay options. You can use link their wallets to your Samsung Pay accounts.

Peer-to-Peer Payments

While you are using Google Pay, it lets you pay your friends’ bill but Samsung Pay is not. It can help your friends which need to pay something if they didn’t have Google Pay account. For the Samsung, they don’t provide any peer-to-peer option.

Thus, what you think about it? Are you choosing Samsung Pay or Google Pay? However, while choosing the mobile payment method, just make sure that it is available in where you live. It can help you to choose one of the best mobile payment methods which you can use it worldwide.