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3 of The Best Types of Anti-Virus

There are are a lot of antivirus out there that has been used by the user worldwide. Since there are many, you might be confused to use one of them. Which one that is suitable for you? Which one that you need the most? Well, here is some explanation of 3 best antiviruses that is used globally in this earth and is good to protect your best android apps.

Avast Antivirus for Android

This antivirus application has indeed been known for quite a long time because it detects and removes harmful viruses. Avast antivirus will secure your cell phone for the best performance, full protection against viruses and wifi, as well as scanning malware, removing trojans and infected files. Besides that, you can get application permissions; call blocking, application locking, and protection for Android users.

Then it can protect you when online, which is to be free of trojans, block malicious websites, applications and repair systems that are damaged by viruses. Specifically, the details are as follows.

• Web Shield: Scans links and will block if exposed to malware, trojans, adware, and spyware. The aim is to maintain privacy and browse the web safely.

• Manage Applications: The Avast antivirus application can also maintain your security by locking applications with pins.

• Application permission: Avast comes with an application permission feature, by providing info about the installed application and also providing information on application permissions, integration of ad networks and your permission as a user.

• Call Block: This feature can block calls to block if you don’t want the number to call your cell phone number.

• Scan File: Scanning files contained on an android, if the file is attacked by a virus then you can quarantine it.

• Fully protected: Automatically protect your cell phone from malware, spyware and so on to stay awake and avoid dangerous viruses that will be run.

360 Security (Best Anti Virus)

This application made by Qihoo 360 is undoubtedly effective in overcoming and cleaning viruses, free optimal protection makes 360 security widely used. Here are the specifications of 360 Security.

• Cleaner: This antivirus application turns out there is also a great cleaning feature and can loosen your disk, so this application also has a feature that identifies junk files (junk files) and then you can delete, the goal is to keep the storage memory normal.

• Anti Lag: 360 Maybe the right solution to overcome lag on your android, the article when the android phone often lags, you can close the background process that runs excessively, so you will be free from the name lag / burdened.

• Leading Antivirus: My friend is undoubtedly also analyzing work from 360 which proved to eliminate 100% of threats with a success rate of 99.7%. So you can say bye a bad virus because it’s very powerful, bro.

• Power Save Mode: Actually this feature is what I like because it is rarely found on an antivirus. Where you can save power by activating the power saving feature on 360 Security. So you can better control the battery power and will be more durable because it saves battery power.

• Lock App feature: This feature can lock SMS, applications, photo albums; other personal data which when opened must enter a PIN. So personal data is safer, I suggest that personal data should be entered into internal memory only.

• Anti Theft: A feature that is really very much needed, friend, that is removing, finding, warning and locking the lost cell phone remotely. When you have installed 360 on your android then your android is still safe because you can control it remotely, then you can also find your android location.

• Application Manager: A feature that can manage your storage, allowing users to delete applications and APK files that you don’t use the aim to analyze and avoid disk buildup by the application.

AVG Antivirus for Android

This antivirus is indeed quite well-known, the old antivirus application that has proven to be effective is now available for Android, which is still powerful and free. The following are the specifications.

• Protection: Protect you from files, malicious applications and remove harmful viruses. Can scan the website whether it is dangerous or not and suspect URL then if there is a virus you will get a warning.

• Optimize Performance: Use a program manager where you can stop the process of a program, and can also monitor battery usage statistics and there are also power saving features. It has an optimizing feature for storing internal memory and internal memory (SD Card) space.

Anti-theft: This feature has a remote control and can identify the location of the cell phone, for example, missing with Google map. In addition, it can use ringing mode even though it is in silent mode because we can control it remotely.

Privaso: Application locking, Backup, Blocking, and Application by managing all applications those are on your android phone.

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