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5 Applications to Develop Yourself

For many people, cell phones are used to fill just spare time. Either play a game or see the latest gossip on Instagram. Unfortunately, using a cell phone like that can waste your time. If you have the right application, cell phones can increase productivity, even change your bad habits! You don’t have to have an expensive cell phone to use the application. Android phones that you can use a million people. The applications recommended in this article are guaranteed to help you increase productivity and find more the best antivirus to protect your phone.

1. Evernote

Do you have a lot of work or lecture notes to write about? Lazy bring a notebook? Just use Evernote! Evernote is a mobile application that is used to write and share notes, manage documents that you store, and so on. This application provides various features that can make your notes neatly stored.

Every time you save a note, this application will upload your Evernote data to the server. So, you don’t need to worry if your cell phone is low or lost. All your data can still be accessed anytime and anywhere. In addition to mobile phones, you can also use this application through the Evernote website. Thus, you can access notes stored on your cell phone via a computer.

2. Any.do

Any.do is an application intended for you who is busy or forgetful. This application will facilitate the management of time and also the distribution of your daily activities. By using the application, you can make a list of things to do and also items to buy. In addition, you can also schedule your activities every day. Thus, you will not forget all your plans and your life will become more organized.

So you don’t forget, this application uses an alarm to remind you. In addition, the entire activity schedule and list will be displayed on the mobile home screen. So, you definitely won’t forget, anyway!

3. Strava

For those of you who like to exercise or want to make your body fit, Strava is the right application for you. Every time you exercise, this application will record the amount of distance and also the jogging or cycling route with GPS. After you finish exercising, you can compare the progress of your sport on that day with the previous days.

You can also follow the development of your friends’ sports. This can make you even more challenged to continue to exercise so as not to be outdone by the development of your friends. In addition, this application provides various challenges, so you will continue to be motivated to continue to exercise.

4. Forest

When working or studying, you might find it hard to resist the temptation to turn on your cell phone and open social media. Don’t worry, the Forest application will help keep you focused and reduce cell phone usage for things that are not useful.

The way the Forest application works is very simple. Every time you use the application, a seed will appear. Your job is to keep the seeds from growing into trees by stopping using cell phones. If you use a cell phone, the seeds will stop growing and even die. So, this application encourages you to continue to focus on working and stop using cell phones. You will not have the heart to let the seeds die, right?

5. Thirty

While still young, we have many opportunities to improve and develop our habits. Can you get up early? Want to reduce junk food? You can do everything as long as you try consistently, especially if you are helped by the thirty applications.

Thirty is an application that records the progress of your business in changing your life habits. In addition, this application provides social media features, so you can invite friends to join in changing habits. You and your friends can share targets and support each other. You can also challenge friends to reach certain targets every day. By using this application, you can change your life habits and have fun with friends. Exclaimed right?

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