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Have You Heard Dualingo? What Is It About?

This day, you are able to see many new apps on your mobile phone. There are ton options of mobile apps you can use. The apps are various from games to learner apps, like Dualingo.

Dualingo Is…

Have you known about what kind the app is? Perhaps, is this app installed on your mobile phone? For you who don’t have any idea about it, let’s discuss it!

Well, Dualingo is an app and website of language learning. It means you can learn a foreign language in this app. There are many languages you can learn from Spanish, Irish, France, Russian, Japanese, Italian, and so on.

Many mobile phone users have proved that this app works very well. In some cases, you can master a new language in a short time. Isn’t it good for you? If you have the willingness to learn a new language, then get this app!

Where You Can Get It?

So, where you can get this app? You are able to get free download for this app on the apps store on your mobile phone.

To download it, just run the apps store. Then, type “Dualingo” on the searching bar and tap the next button. After the app appears on your window, you can tap the download button. Finally, you got the installed app on your mobile phone.

It is so easy to get this app on your mobile phone, right? Thus, you don’t need any excuse to learn a new language anymore! With this app on your hand, you can learn the new languages anywhere.

How to Use It?

After you are installed the app on your mobile phone, you can start using it. The interface of this app is so accessible. You can access it with no worry.

To start it, you can run the app first. Then, create new accounts. After it, you can see there are many languages you can choose plus its official flag. You just have to choose one of those languages that would like to learn.

After choosing it, you need to translate certain words or something like that. It is to decide what level of your language skills. It is a beginner, medium or higher level. Of course, you need to sort out to the level you will be. It will help you to adjust the module with your compatibility.

After it, you will be asked to choose the duration of learning language, In this part, you are able to choose the duration time to learn the language every day. There are duration options to choose from 5 minutes up to 20 minutes. If you think that taking 5 minutes to learn is not enough, you can adjust it with your free time.

And then, don’t forget to learn your chosen language every day. By doing it continuously, you will improve your language skills to a higher level. Oh! Don’t forget to take the tests every time you running up this app. Thus, you can learn new languages every day to improve your language skills.

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